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Target Discovery and Validation for H. pylori Drugs
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Target Discovery and Validation for H. pylori Drugs

The discovery and identification of drug targets is the first step in drug development. Although many drugs target biological macromolecules such as receptors, enzymes, ion channels, nucleic acids, etc., not all biological macromolecules can be used as drug targets. In the drug development process, the specific drug target needs to be determined based on the specific disease. Further, the discovery of the drug target is the cornerstone of drug development. Thus, Ace Therapeutics offers drug target discovery and validation services for H. pylori drug development to help achieve precise treatment of H. pylori.

Directions for the precise treatment of H. pylori.Fig. 1 Directions for the precise treatment of H. pylori.

Based on our long-term research, collection, and organization of H. pylori pathogenesis, colonization mechanisms, drug resistance mechanisms, survival-essential substances, and energy conversion pathways, we can achieve the rapid discovery of potential drug targets. In addition, with our professional H. pylori research experts, molecular biology experts, cellular and animal experimentation experts, and computer experts, we can perform timely validation of the discovered potential drug targets.

Advantages to drug target discovery and initial validation for H. pylori

In silico approach for drug target discovery

Ace Therapeutics combines biotechnology and computer technology for rapid screening to discover H. pylori therapy targets. We use mature second-generation sequencing and third-generation sequencing technologies to obtain gene sequence, gene transcription, and gene expression information of H. pylori. Then, in combination with computer technology, we perform genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolomic analyses of H. pylori. These omics analyses allow us to more rapidly identify genes or proteins associated with H. pylori survival, pathogenesis, and colonization which can be used as potential therapeutic targets. In addition, we also use in silico approach to analyze the human genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic. We help analyze information on human and H. pylori genes and proteins. We help screen for H. pylori-specific genes or proteins and human genes or proteins associated with H. pylori pathogenesis and colonization. These may serve as potential targets for drugs.

In-depth study of H. pylori-related mechanisms for discovering therapy targets

We comprehensively collect and organize research results related to H. pylori pathogenesis and colonization, and on this basis, we further delve into the relevant mechanisms to rapidly identify potential therapeutic targets. In addition, we comprehensively collect and organize research results related to H. pylori drug resistance mechanisms to identify drug treatment targets that breakthrough H. pylori drug resistance mechanisms, which is the key to eradicate the H. pylori infection and avoid H. pylori pandemic in humans.

Ideal in vitro and in vivo models for initial validation of therapeutic targets

We have mastered mature gene knockdown technologies, gene overexpression technologies, and siRNA and shRNA-mediated gene silencing technologies. Using these technologies, we construct ideal in vivo and in vitro models and can initially validate therapeutic targets in a relatively short period. These ideal models are powerful tools for characterizing drug targets discovered using in silico technology and can well determine the potential of drug targets.

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Ace Therapeutics specializes in H. pylori research and provides H. pylori drug development services. To accelerate the achievement of precise therapy of H. pylori, we focus on the discovery and validation of H. pylori therapeutic targets and have accumulated much experience in this area. If you need services for the discovery and validation of therapeutic drug targets of H. pylori, please contact us without hesitation.


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