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H. pylori Hit Discovery and Validation
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H. pylori Hit Discovery and Validation

H. pylori hit discovery and validation is the second step in H. pylori drug development and the second most important step in drug development. Hit discovery and validation refer to the discovery and validation of molecules that fully interact with the therapeutic target. Good hit discovery and validation should exclude potential false positives to reduce the risk of screening a range of molecules that are not suitable for development. Further, good hit discovery and validation can save the cost of in vivo validation experiments at later stages of drug development.

Nonclinical studies for H. pylori drug development

Ace Therapeutics focuses on providing H. pylori drug development services. We not only help to deeply explore the potential therapeutic targets of H. pylori but also help to perform hit discovery and validation of these targets. We have accumulated extensive experience in hit discovery and validation through continuous exploration and we can confidently provide professional H. pylori hit discovery and validation services for H. pylori drug development against different therapeutic targets. Below are detailed descriptions of our services.

Contents of the H. pylori hit discovery and validation

Hit discovery is to find more hits and hit series, while hit validation is to rule out false-positive hits to save time and money in drug development. Therefore, we provide H. pylori hit discovery service and H. pylori hit validation service to meet different needs.

Approaches of H. pylori hit discovery and validation

For H. pylori hit discovery, we screen molecules interacting with drug targets using a variety of advanced screening methods to maximize the number of initial work and series, such as virtual screening with in silico methods and fragment-based screening. What's more, we also design possible hits by computer design. We use structural biology methods to determine the structure of therapeutic targets, and then we use computers to design possible hits. During the design process, we take full consideration of the relationship between protein sequence and structure as well as the biochemical reactions associated with the chemical functional groups.

For H. pylori hit validation, we can perform strategic design and implementation from structural and biochemical assays to cellular assays. We use a variety of validation methods to rule out false positives and save time and cost for later drug development in an effective way. Our commonly used H. pylori hit validation methods include high-throughput screening and structural biology methods screening and our advanced experimental equipment allow us to verify hits quickly and accurately. There are numerous high-throughput screening and structural biology assays, so we offer customized high-throughput screening and structural biology assays for customers based on the pathway of hit discovery.

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Ace Therapeutics is a company focused on H. pylori research, and we provide one-stop services for H. pylori research. In H. pylori small molecule drug development, we provide H. pylori hit discovery and validation services. And we also provide other H. pylori drug development services. If you have any need for H. pylori drug development, you can read the details website or contact us directly. Our technical support staff are always pleased to serve you at any time.

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