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Small-scale Production and Proposals for Scaling Up
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Small-scale Production and Proposals for Scaling Up

Ace Therapeutics fully assists in H. pylori drug development services, providing services for small-scale production of H. pylori drugs and production advice for scale-up production of H. pylori drugs. We have a professional chemistry team and a biological team. We can provide active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production for H. pylori small molecule drugs and primary liquid production services for H. pylori biological drugs, such as therapeutic peptides and proteins. In addition, we offer small-scale production services for chemical molecules and biomolecules that need to be synthesized in H. pylori drug development. The main purpose of our drug production synthesis services is to assist in the development of H. pylori drugs and to provide valuable reference advice for the formal production of H. pylori drugs.

Small-scale Production and Proposals for Scaling Up

Services overview

We mainly provide the following services.

  • Synthetic design of chemical molecules
  • Expression vector selection and synthetic design of biomolecules
  • Small-scale synthesis of chemical molecules
  • Small-scale synthesis of biomolecules
  • Isolation and purification to obtain API
  • Isolation, purification, and optimization to obtain primary liquid
  • Recycling of raw materials
  • Provide advice on the disposal of waste
  • General testing services for H. pylori drugs (quality testing, toxicity testing, and stability testing)
  • The initial determination of production parameters
  • Production process optimization
  • Forecast production costs
  • Make proposals for scaling up

When designing a drug synthesis, we generally give 2-3 synthesis options for our clients to choose from. In addition, we perform general tests on the H. pylori drugs that we are responsible for synthesizing to ensure the synthetic quality and synthetic value of the drug. If the customer requests only quality testing of the drug, we can also provide it separately. For production optimization, cost forecasting, and proposals for scaling up, we provide them on demand, and we determine synthesis parameters and provide recommendations based on small-scale production experience.

Our Strengths

Comprehensive synthesis design for chemical molecules

Our chemists have extensive experience in chemical synthesis design and can perform comprehensive design for the synthesis of chemical molecules for H. pylori, including reaction flow design, reaction device selection, material recovery and usage, and isolation and extraction of the target molecule. We present the developed synthesis methods in the form of flowcharts with text descriptions that facilitate understanding.

Extensive experience in peptide and protein synthesis

We provide several proven expression systems for peptide and protein synthesis and we have accumulated extensive experience in peptide and protein expression by expression of H. pylori antigens, H. pylori antibodies, and therapeutic proteins and peptides. We offer specialized design for the expression and production of active proteins to ensure high-quality production.

Efficient process optimization combined with computer simulation

In small-scale production, we set up the corresponding computer simulation system and record the production process-related parameters. In the production optimization phase, we use computer simulations and production testing for efficient optimization.

Cooperate with us

The process of developing H. pylori drugs involves the design and synthesis of multiple molecules. Ace Therapeutics provides design services and small-scale production services for these molecules. If you are experiencing difficulties in synthesizing chemical molecules or expressing active proteins in the development of H. pylori drugs, you are welcome to contact us at any time to solve your problems!

※ All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.