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Development of H. pylori Vaccine Adjuvants
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Development of H. pylori Vaccine Adjuvants

In 2018, Stubljar et al. summarized H. pylori vaccine development and stated that the development of an effective H. pylori vaccine needs to determine the antigens and adjuvants, and selecting an appropriate adjuvant is as important as selecting a suitable antigen. Thus, the discovery of suitable adjuvants is of vital importance. Ace Therapeutics has in-depth research in H. pylori vaccine adjuvants, and we support a wide range of H. pylori vaccine adjuvant services, including adjuvant discovery services, adjuvant optimization services, and custom adjuvant synthesis services.

Development of H. pylori Vaccine Adjuvants

Discovery of H. pylori vaccine adjuvants 

Although, only a few vaccine adjuvants are currently approved by the FDA, including aluminum, AS04, AS03, MF59, CpG 1018, and AS01B. The new vaccine adjuvant discovery line offers additional possibilities, such as PPR agonists, iNKT cell agonists, polysaccharides, nanoparticles, mucosal adjuvants, saponins, and cytokines. Ace Therapeutics, as a company specializing in H. pylori research, offers professional H. pylori vaccine adjuvants discovery services. We use ligand scanning technology to identify potent adjuvant candidates of PPR agonists and we explore iNKT cell agonists as candidate adjuvants for H. pylori vaccines. In particular, we tend to focus on the collection of adjuvants that can be used in oral vaccines against H. pylori.

Adjuvant optimization for H. pylori vaccines

Whether your vaccine adjuvant needs to be optimized because of safety issues, the effectiveness of your vaccine adjuvant needs to be improved, or your vaccine adjuvant formulation still needs to be adjusted, Ace Therapeutics is well placed to help you with these problems. Our professional H. pylori vaccine adjuvants development team will provide you with superior optimization services, including toxicity reduction services, modification services for an acidic environment, particle size adaptation services, and adjuvant compounding optimization services. More importantly, it is our consistent philosophy to ensure better immunization results with safety in mind.

Custom adjuvant synthesis for H. pylori vaccines

It is well known that vaccine adjuvants can improve immune efficacy, and in the case of H. pylori subunit vaccines and DNA vaccines, appropriate vaccine adjuvants can greatly enhance immune efficacy. In addition, the quality of the adjuvant can have a considerable impact on immune efficacy. Thus, Ace Therapeutics provides high-quality vaccine adjuvants to help researchers eliminate the interference of adjuvant quality and complete H. pylori vaccine studies effectively. We also support full customization services for H. pylori vaccine adjuvants, including mineral salts, liposomes, oil adjuvants, and microbial derivatives.

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Ace Therapeutics has extensive experience in H. pylori-related development and offers a range of specialized services and products. Our global scientists, technical support experts, and professional production staff can provide H. pylori developers with the right expertise, trusted services as well as high efficiency. Please feel free to contact us. It is worth having a one-stop service for H. pylori.


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