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Development of Small Molecule Drugs against H. pylori
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Development of Small Molecule Drugs against H. pylori

Ace Therapeutics has professional staff, advanced equipment, and extensive drug development solutions to provide a comprehensive service for H. pylori small molecule drug development. We provide phased services for H. pylori small molecule drug development according to the progression of small molecule drug development, including H. pylori hit discovery service, H. pylori hit validation serviceH. pylori hit-to-lead service, and H. pylori lead optimization service. For each of these four services, we have a customized section to meet the needs of our clients on a one-to-one basis. The following is a brief description of our services for small molecule drug development against H. pylori.

Development of Small Molecule Drugs against H. pylori

In the H. pylori hit discovery service, we offer the screening of hits and hit series from an extensive library of chemical molecules and our library of specific small molecules for H. pylori. In the H. pylori hit validation service, we provide preliminary validation of the screened hits and hit series. In the H. pylori hit-to-lead service, we provide a diverse range of in vitro and in vivo experiments to screen for lead. In the H. pylori lead optimization service, we design potential drug molecules based on lead and perform comprehensive ADMET assays to select one or two compounds that perform well in most assays.

What we do better than other drug development companies

Effectively improving the selectivity of lead for H. pylori

Based on our in-depth insights into H. pylori, we have shown great advantages in improving the selectivity of lead. For example, with our in-depth knowledge of various protein molecules of H. pylori including the synthesis process, structure, role, and similarities and differences of other proteins, we can achieve more accurate molecular docking screening during lead optimization. This gives us a marked advantage in lead optimization targeting H. pylori membrane proteins which with a high degree of similarity.

Adequate experimental material

Our company cultivates different strains of H. pylori, model animals infected with H. pylori, and gastric cells related to the study of various H. pylori mechanisms. These experimental materials allow us to enter and complete treatment efficacy testing faster than other companies and to complete drug development earlier.

Rich verification and detection methods

We not only provide a variety of small-molecule structure analysis methods to determine the structure of small molecule drugs, but we also provide a variety of in vivo and in vitro experiments to verify the effect of the candidates and conduct ADMET detection. And all our tests are operated by professionals to ensure the validity of the experimental data.

In-depth assessment of potential drug resistance

Mutations and drug excretion by efflux pumps are the main causes of drug resistance in H. pylori. For drug resistance excreted by the efflux pumps, it can be simply ruled out by resistance testing. But for the mutation resistance, special resistant H. pylori strains need to be used for resistance testing. And we can provide these drug-resistant H. pylori strains to test the potential resistance.

Collaborate with us

Ace Therapeutics specializes in H. pylori drug development and has accumulated extensive experience in the preclinical development of H. pylori small molecule drugs. Currently, we provide services covering all aspects of preclinical studies for H. pylori small molecule drug development. We sincerely look forward to working with you on H. pylori small molecule drug development.

※ All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.