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Quality Testing of H. pylori Vaccines
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Quality Testing of H. pylori Vaccines

The quality of a vaccine has a large impact on both the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. From preclinical experiments to clinical trials, the quality of the vaccine must be ensured first to guarantee the reliability of the experimental results. It is even more important to ensure the quality of vaccines when they are on the market, especially those for humans.

Ace Therapeutics offers comprehensive quality testing for H. pylori vaccines including identity tests, purity tests, and residue tests. And we provide separate quality tests on the antigens, antibodies, other auxiliary components of the H. pylori vaccine, and the entire vaccine.

Quality testing of H. pylori vaccines - Ace Therapeutics.Fig. 1 Quality testing of H. pylori vaccines - Ace Therapeutics.

Identity tests of H. pylori vaccines

The purpose of identity tests is to make sure that what we get is matching what we originally designed. Our company has a professional team of biological and chemical experts and a comprehensive H. pylori information base, combined with the advantages of immuno-informatics, we are well-positioned to provide our clients with reliable H. pylori vaccine identity tests, including physical, chemical, and biological characterization of H. pylori vaccines, H. pylori vaccine antigens, and H. pylori vaccine adjuvants. For example, we perform immune validation of protein antigens for H. pylori subunit vaccines, sequencing validation of H. pylori DNA vaccines, and particle size validation of particle adjuvants. We customize multiple identity tests according to your object to be tested to ensure the accuracy of identity tests and we communicate with you specifically about all aspects of identity tests.

Purity tests of H. pylori vaccines

The purpose of the purity tests is to detect the content of the target substance. Stable and well-established expression and preparation systems together with advanced isolation and purification technologies are the basis for the high purity of H. pylori vaccine antigens and adjuvants. However, even if the above conditions are met, purity tests are required for different batches of products. Ace Therapeutics has rich isolation and purification experience in H. pylori, advanced analysis equipment, and a variety of physical, chemical, and biological analysis methods for purity tests of H. pylori vaccines. What's more, we have developed a refined H. pylori vaccine purity testing system, which can help you save your samples.

Residue tests of H. pylori vaccines

Residue tests are performed to check for producing substances that may have been mixed in the H. pylori vaccine during the production process. Residue tests are essential, especially for toxic and hazardous substances in production. Ace Therapeutics provides corresponding residue testing services according to the different production processes of H. pylori vaccines, antigens, or adjuvants. For H. pylori whole-cell vaccines, we test for the presence of live H. pylori. For vaccines containing attenuated antigens, we test for the extent of residual toxicity. For subunit vaccines, we test for residues of DNA, RNA, protein, and the bacteria associated with the expression system. In any case, all residue tests are production dependent and we perform one-on-one residue testing services.

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If you have a quality testing need for H. pylori vaccines, H. pylori vaccine antigens, or H. pylori vaccine adjuvants, please contact our technical support staff to discuss the test details. We will perform relevant experiments and provide professional reports based on the pre-communication. Please feel free to contact us.

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