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Development of H. pylori Vaccine Antigens
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Development of H. pylori Vaccine Antigens

Ace Therapeutics provides three types of antigen development services for H. pylori vaccines, including antigen discovery and selection servicesantigen optimization services, and antigen preparation and custom synthesis services. To be more detailed, in the H. pylori vaccine antigen optimization services, we provide H. pylori vaccine antigen expression optimization and antigen combination optimization services. And in the H. pylori vaccine antigen preparation and custom synthesis services, we offer antigen preparation and custom synthesis for H. pylori whole-cell vaccines, H. pylori subunit vaccines, and H. pylori DNA vaccines.

Antigen preparation and custom synthesis for H. pylori vaccinesFig. 1 Antigen preparation and custom synthesis for H. pylori vaccines.

In the long-term development of H. pylori vaccine antigens, we have accumulated numerous development experiences and formed our unique competitive advantages.

Comprehensive development service

Ace Therapeutics provides systematic H. pylori vaccine antigen development services, including discovery, selection, optimization, preparation, and custom synthesis of H. pylori vaccine antigens. In addition, we have relevant basic services, such as quality testing services, immunogenicity testing services, and safety testing services.

Professional awareness

Owing to the complex host response to the pathogen, the successful development of H. pylori vaccines requires an understanding of the immune mechanisms during natural infection by H. pylori and the factors that allow the persistence of H. pylori. This means that the immunogenicity and biochemical properties of H. pylori vaccine antigens are of great importance for vaccine development. And Ace Therapeutics focuses on these aspects of H. pylori vaccine antigens.

Advanced technology

Our computerized protein structure prediction system, computerized antigen screening system, and extensive immunoinformatics knowledge facilitate the discovery and screening of H. pylori vaccine antigens. A series of in vitro experiments and in vivo animal experiments contribute to the immunogenicity and safety validation of H. pylori vaccine antigens. And our four well-established H. pylori vaccine antigen expression system easily addresses the preparation and synthesis of vaccine antigens.

Professional H. pylori vaccine antigen database

Based on the previous exploration of H. pylori vaccine antigens, we have established an H. pylori vaccine antigen database. It is an important database for H. pylori vaccine antigen selection and optimization. It records information on all antigens associated with the H. pylori vaccine. These antigens include molecules from H. pylori and other pathogenic bacteria, as well as their variants. We comprehensively record the biochemical and immunogenic properties of these antigens as well as important experimental data. In addition, we update and enrich our database in a timely manner.

Excellent and trusted service

For the preparation and custom synthesis of H. pylori vaccine antigens, we provide full monitoring and strict quality control to ensure the high quality of the antigens. We also provide you with professional technical support staff to follow your project and keep you informed of the progress of your H. pylori vaccine antigen research. At any time, you can communicate with our technical staff with any questions you may have, and we will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Cooperate with us

Cooperate with us

Ace Therapeutics provides professional, systematic, and advanced H. pylori vaccine antigen development services and we are here to look forward to cooperating with you. For more detailed information, you can contact us directly or visit the details pages.

※ All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.