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Preparation and Custom Synthesis for H. pylori Vaccine Antigens
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Preparation and Custom Synthesis for H. pylori Vaccine Antigens

Ace Therapeutics offers preparation and custom synthesis for H. pylori vaccine antigens. And the specific services we offer include H. pylori whole-cell vaccine antigen preparation, H. pylori subunit vaccine antigen preparation and custom synthesis, and H. pylori DNA vaccine antigen custom synthesis. Since the quality and safety of vaccine antigens are the core of vaccines. We test the quality and safety of antigens after they have been prepared and synthesized.

Antigen preparation for H. pylori whole-cell vaccines

Antigen preparation for H. pylori whole-cell vaccines

Ace Therapeutics produces multiple strains of inactivated H. pylori as whole-cell vaccine antigens. The genome of H. pylori is highly variable, with significant allelic and sequence diversity even among well-characterized strains. Therefore, the isolation and collection of H. pylori strains is a huge project. Fortunately, based on our long-term efforts in H. pylori, we have accumulated a rich collection of H. pylori strains from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We also offer a wide range of chemical and physical inactivation methods to inactivate H. pylori, including the use of formalin, chloroform, phenol, ammonium sulfate, heat, sonication, and lysis with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) or sodium hydroxide at pH 9.5. For a specific request for an inactivated H. pylori strain or inactivation method, you can consult our technical support staff.

Antigen custom synthesis for H. pylori subunit vaccines

Since obtaining specific antigens directly from H. pylori is considered unsafe and cumbersome, Ace Therapeutics provides multiple expression systems for the synthesis of subunit vaccine antigens to improve the safety and ensure the stability of the antigenic composition. We have four well-established antigen expression systems, namely Escherichia coli (E. coli) expression system, Lactococcus lactis (L. lactis) expression system, Pichia pastoris (P. pastoris) expression system, and attenuated Salmonella expression system.

E. coli expression system

E. coli has been widely used as an expression system for bacterial proteins and is considered the optimal expression system for bacterial recombinant proteins. Ace Therapeutics improved it with genetic tools and methods to make it more adaptable for the expression of H. pylori antigens.

L. lactis expression system

We use the nisin-controlled gene expression (NICE) system, a tightly inducible system for L. lactis, to efficiently express H. pylori membrane proteins. We also use this system to express other H. pylori proteins, such as CagL. The expression system is food-grade safe and easy to manipulate, and the antigen produced using this system can be used for H. pylori oral vaccines.

P. pastoris expression system

Yeast expression systems have distinct advantages over bacterial expression systems, including ease of gene manipulation, high growth rate, secretory expression, and post-translational modifications. It is also capable of generating stable cell lines through cross recombination. The proteins expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae are usually N and O-hyperglycosylated, which may affect the immunogenicity of the protein. While the P. pastoris expression system has a limited yield of endogenous secreted proteins, which facilitates the purification of recombinant proteins. Thus, we chose P. pastoris as an expression system.

Attenuated Salmonella expression system

The attenuated Salmonella expression system is an ideal expression system for H. pylori subunit vaccine antigens. Attenuated Salmonella can deliver bacterial pathogen antigens and can be easily genetically manipulated. In addition, attenuated Salmonella colonizes mucosal surfaces and elicits strong mucosal T- and B-cell responses, making it an ideal vehicle for vaccines against mucosal pathogens. Thus, attenuated Salmonella becomes an ideal expression system and vector for the oral subunit vaccine antigen of H. pylori. More importantly, the use of attenuated Salmonella as an expression system may save purification costs.

Antigen custom synthesis for H. pylori DNA vaccine

Antigen custom synthesis for H. pylori DNA vaccine

Ace Therapeutics uses E. coli to prepare DNA. After constructing the plasmids, we use small-scale experiments to assess the quality and yield of the plasmids. Then, we perform amplification fermentation, lysis, purification, concentration, and sterile filtration to obtain the target DNA antigen. We have a professional team to serve the expression of DNA antigens and monitor the entire process of DNA antigen production to ensure quantity and high quality.


When custom synthesis services for H. pylori vaccine antigens are provided, some supporting basic services such as antigen safety testing and antigen quality testing are also provided. The provision of basic services is based on the specific needs of your project. If you need more detailed information, please contact our professional technical support staff via "online inquiry". Ace Therapeutics is always at your service.


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