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Immunology Testing of H. pylori Vaccines
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Immunology Testing of H. pylori Vaccines

Immunology testing is essential in vaccine development and needs to be performed in preclinical and clinical trials, and there is no exception in the development of H. pylori vaccines. To better serve H. pylori vaccine development, Ace Therapeutics provides immunology testing services for H. pylori vaccines. Below are specific pieces of information about our immunology testing services.

Service flow of H. pylori vaccine immunology testing

To start, we need to know the current status of your H. pylori vaccine program. Then, we customize the immunization experiments, including experimental animals and immunization methods, according to the situation and plan the experimental workflows. After checking these experiments and workflows with you, we perform the experiments and ultimately provide all the results related to the experiments.

Immunology Testing of H. pylori Vaccines

Objects of H. pylori vaccine immunology testing

To better know the specific immunization status of the H. pylori vaccine and to quickly adjust the vaccine formulation based on the immune status in H. pylori vaccine, Ace Therapeutics performs immunological assays for H. pylori vaccine antigens, H. pylori vaccine adjuvants, other supplementary components of the H. pylori vaccine, and the entire vaccine.

Scope of H. pylori vaccine immunology testing

According to the different purposes of immunology testing, immunization testing can be divided into immunogenicity testing and immunotoxicity testing. To achieve different immunoassay purposes, different immunological experiments are required. Thus, Ace Therapeutics provides customized immunological testing services to achieve the immunoassay purpose and save time and costs.

In immunogenicity assays, we detect the production of cytokines, the activation of immune cells, the production of antibodies, and the activation of the complement system.

In the immunotoxicity test, we test the possibility of causing allergic reactions or autoimmune reactions. And we also offer general immunotoxicity tests, including testing of total leukocyte count(LCT), measurement of albumin/globulin (A/G) ratio, and immune-related organ and tissue examination. Additionally, we provide extra immunotoxicity tests, including immune function assays (e.g., T cell-dependent antibody responses, NK cell activity, CTL activity, macrophage function, and neutrophil function) and immune cell phenotype assays (e.g., the immunophenotype of mast cells). By the way, immunotoxicity testing is also a part of the safety evaluation of H. pylori vaccines.

Comprehensive H. pylori vaccine immunology testing

We offer a range of in vitro assays and in vivo animal experiments for immunological testing. The in vitro assays include enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot assay (ELISpot), flow cytometry assay, radioimmunoassay (RIA), immuno-PCR (iPCR) assay, and electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection. For in vivo experiments, we use animals such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, beagles, pigs, and rhesus monkeys. According to the different methods of H. pylori vaccination, we provide corresponding methods for immunoassay, including nasal administration, oral administration, and injection administration.

Comprehensive H. pylori vaccine immunology testing

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Ace Therapeutics can provide you with scientific expertise on immune system function and immunology testing. By using these comprehensive methods, you will have the fastest and most cost-effective solution for immunoassays of H. pylori vaccines. Our professional and rigorous immunoassay staff, including immunologists and toxicology experts, will provide you with high-quality and specialized immunoassay services to move your program forward. Please contact us for better service.

※ All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.