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Studies on Other Membrane Proteins of H. pylori
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Studies on Other Membrane Proteins of H. pylori

Ace Therapeutics also provides research services for membrane proteins (MPs) other than H. pylori adhesins to help in the overall understanding of H. pylori MPs.

H. pylori belong to the group of Gram-negative bacteria with outer and inner membranes. H. pylori contains more than 60 outer membrane genes. The most studied adhesins belong to the outer MPs. In addition to adhesins, there are also efflux pump proteins and iron-regulated proteins. The inner MPs of H. pylori include Urel, an important protein for H. pylori survival, and some efflux pump proteins. These outer and inner MPs play important roles in the survival, pathogenesis, and drug resistance of H. pylori. For example, nickel import and export MPs are essential for the survival and pathogenesis of H. pylori as they affect the activity of hydrogenase and urease of H. pylori.

Fig. 1 Scheme of the proteins involved in the nickel import and export across the outer and the inner membranes in Helicobacter pylori (Camporesi et al., 2021)Fig. 1 Scheme of the proteins involved in the nickel import and export across the outer and the inner membranes in Helicobacter pylori (Camporesi et al., 2021)

Ace Therapeutics is a comprehensive partner in H. pylori research. We provide three basic research services for H. pylori MPs. These types of services respectively meet the need for exploration of H. pylori membrane protein kinds, expression regulation of MPs, and structure and function of MPs.

Exploration of H. pylori membrane protein kinds

MPs of H. pylori vary between strains and some MPs may be present only in specific strains. We offer a discovery service for characteristic MPs of specific H. pylori strains, which facilitates the characterization of H. pylori strain types. In addition, we also offer a new membrane protein discovery service based on genome sequencing analysis and membrane protein detection assays. These novel MPs may be responsible for the specificity of particular H. pylori strains.

Exploration of the expression regulation of H. pylori MPs

The regulated expression of H. pylori MPs has been demonstrated, and this regulated expression is thought to be associated with H. pylori evasion of immunity. We provide studies on the regulated expression of H. pylori MPs and detect two major classes of regulated expression, including slipped-strand repair at mono or dinucleotide repeat and environmental factor regulation.

Exploration of structure and function of H. pylori MPs

We provide services to explore the structure and function of MPs, including structural analysis, structural stability analysis, immune function analysis, potential toxicity analysis, and transport function analysis. In the services, we take responsibility for the expression and purification of these MPs and perform studies using techniques such as protein microarrays. We also provide gene knockout services for comparative studies of membrane protein functions. What's more, we offer a comparative study service between H. pylori MPs and those of other bacteria that are similar to them to help identify the uniqueness of H. pylori MPs.

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Ace Therapeutics helps to explore the kinds, expression regulation, structure, and function of H. pylori MPs. These fundamental explorations can more comprehensively inform the development of vaccines for H. pylori and also provide a reference for the treatment of H. pylori. If you are studying the MPs of H. pylori, please contact us to explore H. pylori MPs together.


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