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Adjuvant Optimization for H. pylori Vaccines
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Adjuvant Optimization for H. pylori Vaccines

Ace Therapeutics believes that safety is the biggest issue in H. pylori vaccine adjuvant optimization. Regardless of how H. pylori adjuvants are optimized, we put safety first. The second goal of optimization is to achieve a better supplementary immunization effect, as the ideal vaccine adjuvant should be able to help vaccines work better. And here are four directions we are optimizing to strengthen their immune effect.

1. Modify the nature of the immune response and optimize a desired immune response.
2. Reduce the antigen amount needed for a successful immunization.
3. Elicit more durable immune responses and reduce the frequency of booster immunizations.
4. Improved immune response in elderly and immunocompromised vaccinees.

Adjuvant Optimization for H. pylori Vaccines

For specific H. pylori vaccine adjuvant optimization services, we offer toxicity reduction services, modification services for an acidic environment, particle size adaptation services, and adjuvant compounding optimization services. 

Toxicity reduction services

Ace Therapeutics offers toxicity reduction services for H. pylori vaccines. Some adjuvants that were used to develop H. pylori vaccines were abandoned for toxicity reasons, even though they triggered strong stimulatory effects. We modify these adjuvants to detoxify and maintain the stimulatory effects. For example, we resort to random mutation and gene editing techniques to refine the strong mucosal adjuvants Escherichia coli heat-labile toxin (LT) and cholera toxin (CT) to get ideal adjuvants. All in all, we detoxify all toxic adjuvants, including toxic viral vectors and other adjuvants from pathogenic microorganisms.

Modification services for an acidic environment

The acidic environment of the stomach is a key factor in the performance of H. pylori oral vaccines. Based on that, we modify current adjuvants to better suit the acidic environment. For example, we use polysaccharides or polypeptides to modify liposomal adjuvants to adapt to the environment of the stomach. We also modify other adjuvants used for H. pylori oral vaccines for adaptation to acidity. If you need more information, please inquiry us.

Particle size adaptation services

Different particle sizes of aluminum salts, oil-in-water emulsions, liposomal and polymeric particles can elicit different immune responses. If these are used as adjuvants for H. pylori vaccines, the optimal size range needs to be determined. Thus, Ace Therapeutics provides a whole range of physics and chemical methods to adjust the particle size and make them more stable. For example, high-pressure homogenization, high-shear emulsification, and microfluidization methods are used to yield fine-adaptation and long-term stable emulsion adjuvants.

Adjuvant compounding optimization services

As a single adjuvant elicits only a limited immune response, the use of multiple adjuvants in H. pylori vaccines is a way forward. The individual and compounding effects of adjuvants need to be considered. Providing us with the main adjuvant used in H. pylori vaccines, we will provide a detailed report for adjuvant mixing and adjuvant matching ratios based on the different immune responses provoked by adjuvants.

Ace Therapeutics offers professional and reliable services and our adjuvant optimization for H. pylori vaccines is not limited to those categories. To make the optimization service more practical, the safety and stability of the vaccine adjuvants are taken into account. Therefore, the basic services related to testing safety or stability are also included in the adjuvant optimization services. And the specific basic services involved will depend on your project.

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If your vaccine adjuvant needs to be optimized because of safety issues, effective issues, or formulation issues, please contact us without hesitation. Ace Therapeutics guarantees to strive for better immunization results with safety first.


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