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H. pylori Hit Validation

The potential hits found through virtual screening need to be validated through experiments. Moreover, hits discovered by single biological, chemical, or physical screening methods also need to be validated using other biological, chemical, and physical methods to fully filter out false-positive hits and save time and cost in drug development. Thus, Ace Therapeutics offers hit validation services for H. pylori drug development. We can design hit validation experiments for you and validate the hit by a variety of biological, physical, and chemical methods to ensure high-quality validation of the hit and provide full validation information of the hit to facilitate the hit-to-lead process.

The following are the details of the hit validation services that we offer to support the early-stage development of H. pylori drugs.

High-throughput screening to validate H. pylori hit

We can design high-throughput screening for H. pylori hit validation, both at the molecular and cellular levels. For example, we offer high-throughput screening based on enzyme-substrate and other molecular interaction types to screen hits. At the cellular level, we provide specific high-throughput screening using 2D and 3D cell culture technologies in combination with flow cytometry and cell membrane chromatography techniques. In addition, in high-throughput assays, we can provide a variety of assay readouts, including high content imaging, fluorescence, luminescent, and surface plasmon resonance (SPR). What's more, we also focus on the exclusion of false hitters (Fig. 1) when we provide high-throughput screening services, such as aggregators, interference compounds, and reactive compounds.

Classification and corresponding mechanisms of frequent hitters.Fig. 1 Classification and corresponding mechanisms of frequent hitters (Yang et al., 2020).

Experiments to validate H. pylori hit

For H. pylori drug hit validation, we provide comprehensive validation based on structure, mechanism, and effect. In addition to the above commonly used hit validation methods, we also provide other biological, chemical, and physical H. pylori hit validation services, including H. pylori growth inhibition assay, high concentration affinity assay, and H. pylori-drug-gastric cell system assay.

Identification of H. pylori hits by small-molecule structure assay

We also use small molecule structural assays to verify H. pylori hit, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), circular dichroism (CD), X-ray crystallography, optical potatory dispersion (ODR), and microcrystalline electron diffraction (MicroED).

Our advantages

Advanced equipment

We have advanced structure identification equipment to better validate H. pylori hit from the structure. In addition, we have a variety of high-throughput screening equipment to detect multiple readouts to better validate H. pylori hit from the biochemical properties. Our throughput screening equipment is connected to a computer for automated screening and data recording, which ensures the accuracy of data recording and avoids manual errors. In all, advanced equipment ensures validity and reproducibility of the results.

Comprehensive information about the positive hit

We provide biological, physical, and chemical information obtained during the validation process of positive hits to assist in the process of hit-to-lead.

Abundant strains of H. pylori

The abundance of H. pylori strains provides rich experimental material for hit validation, avoiding that the screened hit can only work on one type of H. pylori.

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Ace Therapeutics, as a company that supports H. pylori drug development, provides customized hit validation services to help filter out false-positive hits and provide comprehensive validation information for positive hits. We offer a broad of hit validation methods, and we will do our best to meet any other validation needs that you need. Please click contact us to start our cooperation.


  1. Yang, Z.; et al. Frequent hitters: nuisance artifacts in high-throughput screening. Drug Discovery Today. 2020, 25(4): 657-67.

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