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Discovery and Selection of H. pylori Vaccine Antigenes
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Discovery and Selection of H. pylori Vaccine Antigenes

Ace Therapeutics provides antigen discovery and selection services for H. pylori vaccines. We discover the new antigens with the help of computerized screening, in vitro experiments, and in vivo experiments on animals. And we select the appropriate antigen for H. pylori vaccines based on the biochemical properties and immunogenicity of the antigen.

Discovery of H. pylori antigens

Ace Therapeutics has developed a robust process to discover H. pylori vaccine antigens. Firstly, we collect H. pylori genomic datasets and employ a computer-aided to predict conserved gene products of all strains of H. pylori. Then we used subtractive genomic methods combined with in silico analysis for initial screening. After that, we use in vitro assays, such as ELISA assays and cellular assays for re-screening. Finally, the immunological properties of the candidate antigen will be tested on model animals. Our well-established discovery process can efficiently help you discover H. pylori vaccine antigens with less time and fewer research dollars.

Selection of antigens for H. pylori subunit vaccines

Depending on the specific antigen profile, H. pylori vaccines are classified as whole-cell vaccines, subunit vaccines, and DNA vaccines. The antigen selection for subunit vaccines is the most prudent, for which Ace Therapeutics offers a special antigen selection service.

Currently, the most used H. pylori subunit vaccine antigens are associated with H. pylori pathogenesis and colonization, including cytotoxin-associated gene A (CagA), vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA), H. pylori adhesin A (HpaA), adherence-associated lipoproteins A (AlpA), urease, peroxidase, neutrophil-activating protein (NapA), heat shock protein 60 (Hsp60), blood group antigen binding adhesin (BabA), sialic acid-binding adhesin (SabA), and outer inflammatory protein (OipA). And we recommend appropriate antigens for your H. pylori vaccine based on the biochemical properties and immunogenicity of these antigens. In addition, we have established an H. pylori vaccine antigen database, which not only records the biochemical properties and immunogenicity of currently used antigens and their variants but also records the biochemical properties and immunogenicity of newly discovered antigens and their variants. We add relevant information in a timely manner through various in vitro and in vivo experiments to achieve the fastest antigen selection.

H. pylori structure and its infection mechanismFig. 1 H. pylori structure and its infection mechanism (Hadi et al., 2019).

In general, for H. pylori vaccine antigen discovery and selection, Ace Therapeutics, with strong professionalism, offers a systematic antigen discovery process for rapid discovery of new antigens and an H. pylori vaccine antigen database for rapid selection of antigens for H. pylori subunit vaccines.

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