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H. pylori Vaccine Development Services

The prevalence of H. pylori infection is high in the population. Typically, triple therapies and quadruple therapies are used to treat H. pylori infection. However, due to the high rate of spontaneous mutation of H. pylori, treatment of H. pylori infection with antibiotics can easily cause antibiotic resistance in H. pylori, which makes H. pylori eradication difficult. Therefore, vaccination against H. pylori infection has become the most important strategy to reduce the prevalence of H. pylori infection in the population.

H. pylori Vaccine Development ServicesFig. 1 The pooled prevalence of H. pylori resistance (2006-2016) (Alessia et al., 2018).

For this reason, Ace Therapeutics provides a full range of H. pylori vaccine development services to accelerate the development of H. pylori vaccines. We offer H. pylori whole-cell vaccine, subunit vaccine, and DNA vaccine development services, and depending on development needs, we offer four categories of H. pylori vaccine development services. They are H. pylori vaccine antigen development, H. pylori vaccine adjuvant development, H. pylori vaccine analysis and characterization, and H. pylori vaccine process development.

Development of H. pylori vaccine antigens

The development of H. pylori vaccine antigens is the foundation of H. pylori vaccine development. Within this service, we offer three more subdivided services, namely discovery and selection of H. pylori vaccine antigens, optimization of H. pylori vaccine antigens, and preparation and custom synthesis of H. pylori vaccine antigens. We have combined computer and biology to create the H. pylori vaccine antigen database, which has greatly facilitated the discovery, selection, and optimization of H. pylori vaccine antigens. We also have established four well-established protein expression systems which are well equipped for the preparation and custom synthesis of H. pylori vaccine antigens.

Development of H. pylori vaccine adjuvants

In vaccine development, vaccine adjuvants have become an important part of vaccine efficacy because they can non-specifically modify or enhance the body's specific immune response to antigens. Within H. pylori vaccine adjuvant development service, we provide H. pylori vaccine adjuvant discovery, optimization, and custom synthesis services. We have dedicated biological and chemical teams focused on H. pylori vaccine adjuvant development. They have a clear goal to find the most suitable adjuvant for the selected H. pylori vaccine antigen.

Analytical and qualification of H. pylori vaccines

During the development of H. pylori vaccines, the immunogenicity, quality, safety, stability, and immune efficacy of the vaccine need to be tested. Therefore, Ace Therapeutics offers customized analytical and qualification services for H. pylori vaccines. H. pylori vaccine analytical and qualification services are ancillary to H. pylori vaccine development, thus we also provide analytical and qualification services during the custom synthesis and optimization of H. pylori vaccine adjuvants and vaccine antigens.

Process development for H. pylori vaccines

The high prevalence of H. pylori in the population calls for large-scale production and preparation of H. pylori vaccines. For better access to large-scale production of H. pylori vaccines, Ace Therapeutics offers small-scale process development and scale-up development services. Moreover, our established process development computer simulation system can help our customers quickly achieve scale-up production of H. pylori vaccines.

Cooperate with us

Cooperate with us

Ace Therapeutics provides one-stop H. pylori vaccine development services, covering the entire process of H. pylori vaccine development. We have professional staff to provide professional services to ensure the high quality of each service. Please partner with us to develop an H. pylori vaccine and move forward together to success.


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