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Non-clinical Efficacy Testing and Dosage Estimation of H. pylori Vaccines
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Non-clinical Efficacy Testing and Dosage Estimation of H. pylori Vaccines

Non-clinical efficacy testing is the basis for clinical potency testing of vaccines, and multiple non-clinical efficacy tests are needed to provide a sufficient basis for clinical trials. Ace Therapeutics conducts non-clinical efficacy testing of H. pylori vaccines using model animals to support the development of H. pylori vaccines. In addition, we estimate the dosage of H. pylori vaccines based on efficacy testing. Below are our evaluation process and our advantages of efficacy testing for H. pylori vaccines.

Process of non-clinical efficacy testing for H. pylori vaccines

1. We will perform pre-experiments to initially test the humoral and cellular immunity provoked by the vaccine and estimate the dosage for formal experiments.
2. Vaccination of model animals with different dosages of H. pylori vaccines.
3. Test the efficacy of vaccines by measuring antibody titers, cytokine levels, and specific immune cell levels.
4. Inoculate experimental animals with H. pylori and test their ability in resisting H. pylori.
5. Record experimental data and results accurately and calculate the median effective dose (ED50).
6. Evaluate dosage for clinical potency tests.

Advantages of our tests for non-clinical efficacy of H. pylori vaccines


We have been working for a long time on H. pylori research and have accumulated large, diverse, and high-purity H. pylori antigens. Using these antigens, we can perform more widespread and accurate detection of antibodies produced by immunized animals, including specific antibodies. Then, we use these antigens to create antibody detection kits, which greatly improved the speed of detection. Further, we have established corresponding methods for antibody quality evaluation and analysis of antibody properties, such as the identification of antibody isoforms and antibody affinity measurements.

Adequate experimental animals

We have skilled breeders who breed experimental animals such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, and pigs. This allows us to have sufficient experimental animals for non-clinical efficacy testing of H. pylori vaccines. Once the experimental program is scheduled, we can conduct experiments immediately.

Adequate experimental animals

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Ace Therapeutics has expertise in non-clinical efficacy testing of H. pylori vaccines and we have sufficient experimental animals and convenient test kits for rapid testing. Based on efficiency testing, we additionally offer dosage evaluation services. If you need H. pylori vaccine non-clinical efficacy testing and dosage evaluation, please contact us.

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