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Natural Products-based Drug Development Services against H. pylori
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Natural Products-based Drug Development Services against H. pylori

Ace Therapeutics provides services to fully support the development of natural product-based drugs against H. pylori. We fully grasp the current status of natural drugs against H. pylori and can provide our clients with drug research advice and development solutions to achieve efficient natural drug development against H. pylori.

Current status of natural products against H. pylori

Many fruits, medicinal plants, vegetables, and spices were found to have therapeutic effects on H. pylori infection. These effects can be classified as inhibition of H. pylori growth, inhibition of H. pylori adhesion activity, inhibition of H. pylori virulence factor, reduction of H. pylori-induced inflammatory response, and reduction of H. pylori-induced oxidative stress.

Fig. 1 Some natural products for the prevention and management of H. pylori infection.Fig. 1 Some natural products for the prevention and management of H. pylori infection.

Services overview

We offer three main types of natural product-based drug development services for H. pylori.

Isolation and purification services for unknown natural molecules

We provide isolation and purification of small molecules, proteins, polysaccharides, and other molecules from natural products and verify the antibacterial activity of these molecules through in vitro and in vivo inhibition experiments. This contributes to the discovery of natural molecules.

Screening for known natural molecules

We offer in silico screening and experimental screening services on already isolated natural molecules for the direct discovery of active natural molecules.

Optimization services for natural molecules with known effects on H. pylori

We perform optimization services for natural molecules known to have H. pylori inhibition activity to achieve a drug transformation process of natural active molecules.

As a company specializing in H. pylori-related services, we offer development services mainly for natural products that act directly on H. pylori. That is, we mainly provide natural drug development services that inhibit the growth of H. pylori, inhibit the adhesion of H. pylori, and inhibit the activity of H. pylori virulence factors.

Service examples

Below shows examples of our services, you can find the direction you are interested in.

  • Discovery of natural molecules of avocado with better antibacterial effects
  • Discovery of natural molecules of okra with adhesion-reducing effects
  • Discovery of natural molecules of Andrographis paniculata with urease inhibiting activities

Our strengths

Professional staffs

  • Leading H. pylori researchers
  • Well-trained natural product separation and purification team
  • Professional in silico screening staff
  • Chemical experts

Extensive experimental materials and experience

  • High-end isolation and purification experimental equipment
  • Adequate amount of H. pylori model animals
  • Highly efficient H. pylori inhibition screening assays
  • Validated H. pylori virulence factor activity assays
  • Rich experience in chemical design and synthesis

Collaborate with us

Natural products, especially medicinal plants, have been successfully used in the treatment of many diseases by extracting the active substances and developing them into therapeutic drugs. In addition, natural drugs are relatively safe. Ace Therapeutics assists in the treatment of H. pylori and provides services for natural drug development against H. pylori. We have sufficient advantages to provide you with the best service, please do not hesitate to cooperate with us.


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※ All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.